Calendula aka Marigolds flowers blog

Calendula aka Marigolds — one of the most popular and ancient medical plants. Medicines based on amazing properties of calendula seeds are widely spread in the modern pharmacy.

Calendula is a herbal medicine. It is usually used in the form of the mouth rinsing tincture or ointment to treat furuncles, wounds, ulcers.

Calendula plant also has strong bactericidal properties against some pathogens, particularly staphylococci and streptococci. Tinctures and calendula ointment are made from calendula officinalis. Calendula products made from calendula flowers are for external use to treat burns, minor wounds and fistulas, to rinse the mouth.

A great number of cosmetic calendula products are produced nowadays: calendula cream, calendula lotion, calendula shampoo, toothpaste. Calendula healthy influences oily skin. Calendula lotion normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands. It is useful for oily hair.

Calendula cream with its gentle, soothing properties, is used for baby care — eliminates the itching and skin irritation.

Sphere of application

— In case of injuries, bruises, hematomas — to put immediately the cream on the injury;

— To moisten dry, sensitive skin — as needed;

— For oily and sensitive skin — can be used as a day cream;

— For regeneration (healing) of the skin after burns, frostbite — apply a thin layer to the wound;

— Painful menstruation — Two days before the expected time for the flow to begin, rub cream on the abdominal area;

— Indigestion — to rub the cream on the abdomen;

— Incisions — against keloid scars — regularly balsam the joints;

— Varicose veins (recommended to use in combination with foot balm) — regularly put on the sore places.

Calendula extract stimulates metabolism of skin cells, prevents free radicals formation and protects cells from their destructive effects. Calendula flower extract has bactericidal, anti-infective and wound healing effect.

Anti-inflammatory, healing, softening properties of calendula oil is very useful against skin diseases, as well as in caring for sensitive skin. It helps against dry eczema, psoriasis. Calendula protects the skin on hands and foot from cracking and chill.

Calendula ointment applied for external use for minor skin cuts, mosquito bites, superficial burns, etc.

Calendula lotion — cosmetic lotion for sensitive skin care with humidifying effect . It helps to protect your skin and prevents irritation, providing calming effect.

Calendula officinalis flowers tincture is used externally as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent for cuts, injuries, eczema, stomatitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and other similar diseases.

Calendula tincture is also used in gynecological practice for the treatment of cervical erosion. Calendula tincture can be taken orally as a choleretic agent

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