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Calendula as benefits of natural healing techniques

What is Natural Healing Techniques? We all get sick from time to time and getting better can sometimes be a difficult task. For example, it can sometimes take a week just to see your doctor, then it takes time and money to get your prescription filled. It is a lot easier and healthier AND cheaper to use home remedy cures.

Natural healing techniques can be used for all types of illnesses. From minor health issues to major life threatening health issues, healing cures can and will work for you. An example of a minor health issue would be a burn or cut. With a burn or cut you can use the healing powers of Calendula cream or Arnica cream. They both work wonders and speed up your recovery time. I work as a ski/snowboard tuner during the winter months and from time to time I get deep cuts on my hands(now I wear gloves so that it doesn’t happen). I have tested out my recovery time with and without the use of natural healing techniques and the results speak for themselves. When I used Calendula cream on a deep cut down to my knuckle, the cut healed over in 24 hours. That means in 24 hours the cut was completely sealed over with fresh skin. OK…so 24 hours is pretty amazing for a cut that deep, but there is still the outside chance that I’m just a fast healer, so the next time I got a similar cut I DIDN’T use any form of alternative medicine cure and the cut took 5 days before it healed over. Pretty crazy how great home remedy cures like Calendula and Arnica cream work.

NOW I want to give you an example of how home remedy cures can be used to heal major life threatening health issues. Let’s use cancerous moles. You have a mole that you think is cancerous and you go to the doctors and they confirm what you have feared, the mole is cancerous. You definitely want to get it removed, but getting it removed from the hospital is going to cost you a LOT of money, time, and you have to get operated on. So how can you use home remedy cures to your advantage? It is really very simple, a little bit lengthy in process, but at least it is all natural, free, and you don’t have to get operated on. Here is how you safely remove an unwanted mole. All you have to use is the power of magnets. Magnets are great natural healers. They are easy to use.

Magnets always have to forces or poles that they work off of. There is the positive magnet field and the negative magnetic field. It is mostly the negative magnetic field(and vary rarely the positive) that has great health benefits. I’m not going to get into all the health benefits of magnets, but if you place a semi-strong negative magnetic field over your unwanted mole for 30 minutes on and off, the cancer cells will die and the mole will eventually fall off. I have a friend that used magnetic power to remove a cancerous mole and it took him almost 3 months for the mole to fall off with consistent magnetic therapy…but he removed it safely and for free instead of paying hundreds of dollars to get operated on.

The point I’m trying to stress is that using a natural healing techniques to heal our bodies is a great and affordable health care solution. In todays world of higher prices for everything it is nice to know that we don’t have to sacrifice our health or our friends and families health just because the prices are higher. All we need to do is get educated on how to use home remedy cures and when to use them and then we can all start to benefit from their amazing natural healing powers.
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