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Turn back your age clock with calendula

AS we start another year, many of us will be thinking about how we can stave off the effects of againg.

But don’t give up hope as there are plenty remedies to help you look more youthful. Here are some tips to help you turn back your age clock.


Don’t leave your food choices to the last minute, according to health experts Tim Bean and Anne Lang.

They recommend taking 10 minutes every three days to make a plan. Decide what you’ll eat for the next three days. Base the menu on unprocessed «superfoods» such as wild game and fish, fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits and seeds.

They say you should plan four main meals a day (breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner), but you can make your life easier by having the same food that you have one day, for a different meal the following day.


You don’t just have to drink it — green tea is thought to help even when applied to your skin, and many skincare products contain it.

It contains plant chemicals 20 times stronger than those found in vitamin E.

So when it’s applied to the skin, it protects from damage by free radicals.


MANY herbs are thought to have antiageing properties. Pine Bark Extract is said to protect skin by binding elastin and collagen and preventing their breakdown, so reducing wrinkles.

W Calendula works on the skin by helping create new blood vessels. It also contains carotenoid pigments and lutein, the antioxidant effects of which fight free-radical damage.

Research also indicates that calendula stimulates collagen synthesis and cell regeneration. The active ingredients in aloe vera have healing, antiin flammatory, cell renewal and moisturising effects.

Studies suggest kigelia to be rich in derivatives of caffeic acid which has antioxidant properties.

It’s also thought to have an antiin flammatory effect on the skin and contains hormone-like substances that firms up the skin.

Gotu kola acts as an anti-inflammatory and also activates collagen synthesis and slows collagen breakdown.

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