Calendula Skin Care

Amanda Ursell “Edo ergo sum” (I eat, therefore I am), said Hippocrates in the 5th century BC while practising medicine and living on the Greek island of Kos. When it comes to what we put into our bodies, this ancient notion that eating healthily affects the core of our day-to-day existence is now well accepted. […]

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Herb of the year learning

Sussex House member Angela Giuliano shows some of the thousands of calendula flower petals her group used to make a healing calendula salve. NEWTON — Located on the Newton Memorial campus, Sussex House is a psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery program for adults experiencing psychiatric illnesses that have interfered with their lives in some way. The […]

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Boiron calendula gel description

Calendula Gel is a homeopathic formula that shows its beneficial effects in the cuts and burns of the skin. It is also very beneficial for the scraped area on the skin, resulting from injury or irritation. В Calendula Gel also shows its favorable effects in the skin problems that arise because of the small microscopic organisms. […]

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Calendula as benefits of natural healing techniques

What is Natural Healing Techniques? We all get sick from time to time and getting better can sometimes be a difficult task. For example, it can sometimes take a week just to see your doctor, then it takes time and money to get your prescription filled. It is a lot easier and healthier AND cheaper […]

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